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PG&E faces $45M fine from California regulator for 2021 Dixie fire, per Reuters.

California Regulator Proposes $45 Million Penalty for PG&E Over 2021 Dixie Fire

California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) Proposes $45 Million Penalty

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has proposed a $45 million penalty for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) due to its involvement in the destructive 2021 Dixie wildfire. The penalty, which will be funded by shareholders, aims to hold the utility company accountable for its actions.

Dixie Wildfire: A Devastating Impact

In July 2021, the Dixie wildfire, California’s second-largest wildfire, was ignited when a tree fell on PG&E’s electrical distribution wires. This catastrophic event resulted in the burning of over 963,000 acres in multiple counties, causing immense damage to the environment and communities.

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The Proposed Penalty: A Breakdown

The proposed penalty, subject to approval by CPUC Commissioners, includes several components. Firstly, a $2.5 million fine will be allocated to the California General Fund. Additionally, $2.5 million will be dedicated to tribes affected by the fire for remediation efforts. Finally, $40 million will be allocated for capital expenditures to transition records to electronic format, ensuring improved efficiency and accessibility.

CPUC’s Recommendations and Process

The proposed penalty is a result of the CPUC enforcement staff’s recommendations under an Administrative Consent Order (ACO) and Agreement. This approach aims to streamline the process and reach a fair resolution. The proposal will be discussed and voted upon during the CPUC’s meeting on November 16.

PG&E’s Response

As of now, PG&E has not provided any comments or statements regarding the proposed penalty. Their response is eagerly awaited to understand their stance on the matter.

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Overall, the CPUC’s proposal for a $45 million penalty against PG&E demonstrates the importance of holding utility companies accountable for their actions. This penalty aims to address the devastating consequences of the 2021 Dixie wildfire and ensure the implementation of necessary measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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