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Patricia’s CEO reveals debt restructuring plan using convertible notes for business growth.

Patricia Exchange CEO Announces Debt Restructuring via Convertible Notes


Patricia, a Nigerian cryptocurrency exchange, has recently introduced Patricia token (PTK) as a means for customers to manage their debts. In an effort to reorganize and raise funds, the company’s CEO, Fejiro Hanu, has now offered customers the option to convert their owed funds into Patricia shares. This move is seen as an integral part of the company’s strategy, particularly in anticipation of its upcoming app relaunch and fundraising initiative.

Restructuring Debt for Customer Benefit

With the aim of assisting its customers, Patricia is allowing them to transform their debt tokens into convertible notes at a discounted rate in Patricia. This favorable offer provides users with a unique opportunity to reduce their debts while also becoming shareholders in the company. By incorporating this option, the exchange is demonstrating its commitment to supporting its customers and ensuring mutual success.

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A Win-Win Solution

By offering convertible notes, Patricia is not only helping customers manage their debts but also encouraging their active participation in the company’s growth. This mutually beneficial arrangement allows users to take advantage of the discount and potentially profit from their investment in Patricia shares. As a result, both the customers and the exchange stand to gain from this innovative debt restructuring approach.

Looking Towards the Future

Patricia’s upcoming app relaunch and fundraising initiative have created an atmosphere of anticipation and excitement. The company’s commitment to reorganizing its debts and providing customers with valuable opportunities showcases its determination to succeed. As the exchange continues to innovate and adapt to the ever-evolving cryptocurrency landscape, users can expect further advancements and benefits in the near future.


Patricia’s CEO, Fejiro Hanu, has announced a groundbreaking debt restructuring plan through convertible notes. This initiative allows customers to convert their owed funds into Patricia shares, providing them with a unique opportunity to manage their debts and become shareholders in the company. With a focus on customer satisfaction and mutual success, Patricia is paving the way for a promising future in the cryptocurrency exchange industry.

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