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Over 1k migrants arrive in Spain’s Canary Islands in one day, marking a significant influx.

Record Number of Migrants Arrive in Spain’s Canary Islands

Over 1,000 Migrants Arrive in a Single Day

A record-breaking number of over 1,000 migrants arrived in Spain’s Canary Islands in a single day on Saturday. These individuals had made the treacherous journey from Africa, with one boat carrying 320 people, the most packed vessel ever seen by rescuers.

A Wooden Boat Sets a New Arrival Record

The Red Cross, providing aid to the migrants, marked the arrival of a wooden boat on the island of El Hierro as a record-breaking event. This boat carried 271 people, surpassing the previous record set on October 3. The wooden boat’s arrival highlights the increasing number of attempted crossings from African countries.

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Migrants Arrive on Multiple Islands

The migrants arrived on various islands, with 783 reaching El Hierro, 98 arriving in Tenerife, and 150 making it to Gran Canaria. Among the passengers were women and small children, emphasizing the vulnerability of those undertaking this dangerous journey.

Coast Guard Assists Migrant Boat

In Gran Canaria, the coast guard towed a wooden boat carrying migrants, including a toddler, into the port of Arguineguin. The port already housed wooden boats from previous arrivals, illustrating the ongoing influx of migrants to the islands.

An Increase in Migrant Crossings

The Canary Islands have become the primary destination for migrants attempting to reach Spain, particularly from Senegal and other African countries. Official data reveals that between January 1 and October 15 this year, the islands received 23,537 migrants, an 80% increase compared to the same period last year. Unfortunately, at least 1,000 people have lost their lives attempting this perilous crossing, according to the Walking Borders charity.

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Aid Package to Support Canary Islands

Spain’s acting migration minister pledged an aid package worth 50 million euros ($53 million) on October 19 to assist the Canary Islands in managing this extraordinary migration flow.

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