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North Carolina Republicans implement voting adjustments before 2024, leading to Democratic lawsuit for alleged infringements.

North Carolina Republicans Enact Voting Changes Ahead of 2024, Prompting Democrats to Sue

New Curbs on Same-Day Voter Registration

North Carolina Republicans have successfully pushed through new restrictions on same-day voter registration, despite a veto by Democratic Governor Roy Cooper. This move has prompted immediate lawsuits from Democratic and progressive groups seeking to halt the changes.

The newly enacted law imposes additional identification requirements and invalidates the ballots of same-day registrants whose mail returns as undeliverable. These changes make it more challenging to register during the early voting period. The Republican supermajority in the state legislature overrode Governor Cooper’s veto to pass the law.

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The Battle for North Carolina

The ongoing battle over voting measures in North Carolina highlights the significance of even a small number of votes in a state that swings between both major parties in presidential elections. As a highly contested battleground state, North Carolina is expected to play a crucial role in the 2024 White House race.

Democrats Decry Voter Suppression

Democrats argue that the new election law amounts to voter suppression, particularly impacting voters of color. They express concerns that certain groups, including older voters and young voters, will face greater obstacles to casting their ballots.

Republicans Emphasize Election Security

Republicans defend the voting changes, echoing the sentiments of party members across the country who have implemented similar restrictions. They claim that these measures will enhance election security and restore public confidence in the voting process. Republicans accuse Democrats of misleading voters and using hyperbolic rhetoric to oppose the new law.

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Lawsuits Filed Against the Measure

Immediately following the override of Governor Cooper’s veto, the Democratic National Committee and the North Carolina Democratic Party filed a lawsuit challenging the new law. They describe it as a “wide-ranging voter suppression law” that will disproportionately affect voters of color, older voters, and young voters.

In addition, other groups, including Voto Latino, the Watauga County Voting Rights Task Force, and Down Home North Carolina, have filed a separate lawsuit. They seek to halt the provision of the law that invalidates ballots if a single piece of undeliverable mail is returned by the post office on the day before an election.

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