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No plans for U.S. troops on the ground after attack on Israel, per Reuters.

US Government Will Not Deploy Military on Ground Following Attack on Israel

US Stands with Israel, Protects Interests in the Region

The US government is committed to supporting Israel in the wake of the recent attacks by Hamas. However, it has clarified that there are no plans to put military forces on the ground. Instead, the focus is on safeguarding US interests in the region, according to a spokesperson from the White House.

US Observes Iran’s Complicity but Lacks Tangible Evidence

While acknowledging Iran’s complicity in supporting Hamas, the White House spokesperson, John Kirby, stated that the Biden administration has not yet seen concrete evidence linking Iran to the planning of the current attack. However, the US remains vigilant and is closely monitoring the situation.

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US to Fulfill Israel’s Security Requests Promptly

As Israel faces heightened security concerns, the White House expects additional security requests from the nation. It is determined to fulfill these needs as promptly as possible, reinforcing the strong bond between the US and Israel.

Encouraging Diplomacy between Saudi Arabia and Israel

While the current situation poses challenges, the White House remains optimistic about the prospect of normalizing relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Efforts to foster diplomatic ties should be encouraged, despite the ongoing conflict.

It is essential for the US to support its allies and work towards stability in the region. The government’s commitment to protecting US interests and fulfilling Israel’s security requirements demonstrates its dedication to maintaining peace and security.

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