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Muslims worldwide come together in protests, calling for an immediate halt to Israel’s Gaza military operation.

Protests Erupt Across the Region Demanding End to Israel’s Bombardment of Gaza

Protesters from Jakarta to Tunis took to the streets on Friday, demanding an immediate end to Israel’s relentless bombardment of Gaza. The intense air and artillery strikes have resulted in a staggering death toll of 4,100 people, according to Gaza authorities. As Israel prepares for a ground war to eradicate Hamas, the militant Islamist group responsible for attacks on Israeli towns, protesters across the Muslim world are expressing solidarity with Palestinians and calling for a ceasefire.

Outrage Sparks Protests in the Muslim World

The eruption of protests in the region was triggered by reports of a blast at a hospital in Gaza that claimed hundreds of lives. While Hamas blamed Israel for the airstrike, Israel attributed the incident to a failed rocket launch by a Palestinian group. The Jordanian capital of Amman witnessed over 6,000 protesters, with thousands more rallying near the Israeli embassy. Demonstrators in Turkey and Egypt, countries that have maintained diplomatic relations with Israel, also demanded an end to the bombing.

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Support for Palestine Grows Across the Globe

In Istanbul, around 2,000 people gathered in front of the Beyazit Mosque, burning an effigy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and waving Palestinian flags. The crowd held placards denouncing the violence and labeled Israel as a terrorist state. Meanwhile, in Egypt, thousands of protesters gathered at the al-Azhar mosque and Tahrir Square, demanding military action against Israel and criticizing Arab states for not doing more to stop the bombardment.

Protests were not limited to the Middle East. In Morocco, where ties with Israel were normalized in 2020, Islamists and leftists announced a sit-in to voice their opposition. In Tunis, hundreds of people marched through the city center, expressing their outrage at the Gaza campaign. Southeast Asia also witnessed demonstrations, with protesters in Indonesia and Malaysia burning Israeli flags and denouncing the actions of Prime Minister Netanyahu and U.S. President Joe Biden.

Iran and Allies Join the Cause

Iran and its regional allies organized state-sanctioned protests in solidarity with Gaza. In Baghdad, Shi’ite militias backed by Tehran mobilized hundreds of supporters near the U.S. embassy. At the Iraq-Jordan border, supporters of Iran-backed paramilitary groups held a sit-in, displaying their unwavering support for Gaza.

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As the international community watches the situation unfold, the voices of protesters continue to grow louder, urging an immediate end to the violence and demanding justice for the people of Gaza.

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