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Mexico’s energy secretary resigns, effective Friday, in a move to step down from the position.

Mexico Energy Secretary Rocio Nahle Resigns, Fueling Speculation of Gubernatorial Run

Mexico Energy Secretary Rocio Nahle has presented her resignation and will step down immediately, according to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. This move comes as Nahle hints at a potential run for governor of Veracruz state.

Nahle, a 59-year-old chemical engineer, has served as Mexico’s Energy Secretary since late 2018. Her decision to resign stems from her interest in running for governor of Veracruz, a state rich in oil and gas resources that borders the Gulf of Mexico.

Lopez Obrador confirmed Nahle’s resignation, expressing his gratitude for her contributions, particularly her work on the Dos Bocas oil refinery project in Tabasco. The refinery, set to reach full capacity this year, aims to make Mexico energy self-sufficient but has yet to begin marketing its products.

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The upcoming gubernatorial race in Veracruz may see Nahle competing against MORENA party Deputy Sergio Gutierrez Luna and Miguel Angel Yunes of the conservative PAN. Yunes, a former Veracruz governor, is considering a comeback to his previous role. Currently, the position is held by MORENA’s Cuitlahuac Garcia.

Nahle took to social media to express her gratitude to Lopez Obrador, stating, “It’s an honor. Mission accomplished!”

As Nahle steps down from her position as Mexico’s Energy Secretary, her resignation sparks speculation about her potential bid for governor. Her experience in the energy sector and her commitment to Mexico’s self-sufficiency goals make her a formidable candidate. The Veracruz gubernatorial race is sure to be an exciting one to watch as it unfolds.

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