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Massive wildfires in the parched Amazon rainforest cause severe air pollution in Manaus city.

Wildfires in the Brazilian Amazon Threaten Manaus City

Smoke-Filled Skies and Unbreathable Air: A Crisis in Manaus

Clouds of dense gray smoke engulf the capital city of Manaus in the Brazilian Amazon, creating a hazardous environment for its residents. These wildfires, many of which are started illegally, have caused the air quality to deteriorate, leaving locals with stinging noses and throats. Even the once vibrant sounds of tropical birds have been silenced by the smog. University student Ronny Gonsalves describes the situation, saying, “My nose stings all the time and so do my eyes, even when they are closed. We can’t breathe properly. I cannot see the horizon.”

A Deliberate Destruction of the Rainforest

Experts attribute the smog to fires intentionally set for agricultural and urban development purposes, without the necessary permits. These fires are not confined to the city’s outskirts but also rage within the metropolitan area. Contributing to the severity of the situation is a severe drought, record high temperatures, and the El Nino weather phenomenon. The northern Amazon region, including Manaus, has experienced significantly reduced rainfall, leaving the streams and tributaries at near-record low levels.

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Challenges in Containing the Fires

The Brazilian government has dispatched teams of firefighters to combat the forest fires. However, residents fear that relief will only come with the arrival of rain, which is not expected until the end of November. In the past, wildfires in the Amazon rainforest were more prevalent to the southwest of Manaus, in the states of Rondonia and Acre. The construction of roads around Manaus has contributed to accelerated deforestation within and beyond the metropolitan area. Land grabbers take advantage of these conditions and illegally set fires to clear land.

An Ongoing Crisis and a Call for Action

Maria Lucia de Freitas, a resident of Manaus, laments the worsening situation, saying, “Today was the worst day. We can no longer see the river from my apartment.” To address this environmental catastrophe, urgent measures are needed. The rewritten article aims to raise awareness about the severity of the wildfires in the Brazilian Amazon, emphasizing the destructive impact on the city of Manaus and its inhabitants.

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