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Man who caused accident at Chinese consulate had knife and crossbow, says driver’s nationality.

Chinese Consulate Attack: New Video Reveals Confrontation, Weapons Recovered

Details of the Confrontation

A newly released video of the incident that occurred on October 9 at the Chinese consulate in San Francisco sheds light on the confrontation between the Chinese citizen and the police. The video shows the suspect slashing at a policeman with a knife before being shot dead. The police also found a loaded crossbow with arrows in the man’s vehicle.

Police Transparency

The San Francisco Police Department released the footage during an online briefing, as part of their routine to ensure public transparency. The department is currently conducting an internal review of the police conduct during the incident, along with a separate investigation into the case itself.

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The Deceased Suspect

The deceased suspect has been identified as Zhanyuan Yang, a 31-year-old Chinese national. The police have not disclosed any information regarding his immigration status or whether he had any connections to the consulate.

Possible Motives

According to San Francisco Police Chief William Scott, there is currently no information available regarding the motives behind the attack. The investigation is ongoing, and the police have not released any further details to the public.

The Attack

The incident occurred when Yang drove his Honda sedan into the lobby of the consulate visa office. Eyewitnesses described the driver as armed with a gun and bleeding from the head. However, the only weapons recovered from the scene were the knife and the crossbow.

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The Confrontation

Bodycam footage showed the police sergeant and a security guard struggling to restrain Yang. As the suspect turned towards them, he made multiple downward swinging motions with the knife. Two more police officers arrived at the scene, and the sergeant, stepping back, shot the suspect at close range. Yang was pronounced dead at a hospital.

No Other Injuries

No one else was injured during the incident. However, the pepper spray that was unleashed prior to the officers’ arrival caused those in the lobby, including the sergeant, to cough.

International Response

At the time of the attack, China’s foreign mission condemned the incident and demanded a thorough investigation into what they referred to as a “violent attack” on the consulate.

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