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Litecoin marks 12-year milestone amidst market ups and downs, staying resilient in dynamic crypto landscape.

Litecoin Celebrates 12th Anniversary Amid Market Fluctuations

Litecoin’s Growth and Potential Bull Cycle

Litecoin (LTC) celebrated its 12th anniversary on Friday, showcasing impressive growth over the years. With over 214 million addresses, LTC has experienced exponential expansion from its humble beginnings of less than 10,000 addresses. Despite facing significant price drawdowns, particularly during the 2022-2023 bear market, LTC’s price performance has consistently displayed a pattern of bearish cycles followed by bullish ones. The recent 46% pullback from its 2021 highs, amidst prevailing market conditions, suggests the potential for an upcoming bull cycle.

Potential Relief Rally and Market Indicators

On Friday, Litecoin was trading at $61.52, indicating the possibility of a relief rally. Market indicators such as the Relative Strength Index (RSI) point towards growing bullish strength, despite the Money Flow Index (MFI) indicating continued bearish outflows since October.

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Mixed Whale Activity

An analysis of whale activity in the Litecoin market presents a mixed picture. The largest holders, those with over 1 million LTC, have been selling since July, while mid-level holders with between 100,000 to 1 million LTC have remained inactive.

Litecoin’s Creation and Value

In 2011, Charlie Lee launched Litecoin as a response to Bitcoin’s limitations, such as transaction speed and high fees. As of September 2023, Litecoin was valued at approximately $63.53.

Leveraging Faucets to Promote Adoption

Litecoin also leverages faucets, which reward users with free LTCs for completing tasks like solving captchas or playing games. This concept was initiated by Gavin Andresen with a Bitcoin faucet website. Leading LTC faucets for 2023 include Cointiply, Coinpayu, Free-Litecoin.com, Fire Faucet, Allcoins.pw, Claim Free Coins, and LitecoinFaucet.com. These platforms contribute to currency adoption, enhance brand awareness, and offer varied payouts depending on market conditions.

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Humorous Coincidence and Portfolio Assessment

The anniversary of Litecoin falling on Friday the 13th was humorously noted as being safe from “Jason and his machete.” Additionally, the article mentions the “Litecoin Profit Calculator” as a tool for portfolio assessment.

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