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List of Democratic candidates running for the US presidency in 2024, with their profiles and backgrounds.

Joe Biden’s Strong Position in the 2024 Presidential Election

Biden’s Favorable Standing in the Democratic Party

U.S. President Joe Biden, who assumed office in early 2021, is facing little opposition in his quest for the Democratic Party nomination in the 2024 presidential election. With former President Donald Trump leading the Republican Party’s race, Biden’s solid position in the Democratic primary sets the stage for a potential rematch of the 2020 election.

A Potential Independent Challenger

However, one of Biden’s Democratic challengers, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, may run as an independent candidate, which could potentially disrupt the election dynamics and play the role of a spoiler.

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Biden’s Age and Approval Ratings

Biden, 80, currently holds the title for the oldest U.S. president ever, and he must convince voters that he has the stamina for another four years in office. Concerns about his age and poor approval ratings pose challenges for his re-election campaign. Nevertheless, Biden’s allies assert that he is the only Democratic candidate capable of defeating Trump.

Defending American Democracy

When announcing his candidacy, Biden emphasized his responsibility to safeguard American democracy, pointing to the deadly attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters on January 6, 2021. Vice President Kamala Harris is once again his running mate.

The Economy’s Impact on Biden’s Re-Election

The state of the economy will undoubtedly be a significant factor in Biden’s re-election campaign. While the U.S. managed to avoid an anticipated recession and is experiencing faster-than-expected growth, the country is grappling with 40-year-high inflation rates, placing a burden on voters due to increased food and gas costs.

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Biden’s Response to Global Challenges

Biden has played a leading role in coordinating the response of Western governments to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He successfully rallied allies to impose sanctions on Russia and provide support to Kyiv. Domestically, Biden has pushed through substantial economic stimulus and infrastructure spending packages, although voters have not provided significant recognition for the latter.

Criticism of Biden’s Immigration Policy

Biden’s handling of immigration policy has drawn criticism from both Republicans and Democrats. Migrant crossings at the U.S.-Mexico border reached record highs during his administration, prompting concerns and calls for improved border control measures.

Marianne Williamson’s Long-Shot Bid

Marianne Williamson, a best-selling author and self-help guru, has embarked on her second campaign for the White House. Running on a platform of “justice and love,” she previously participated in the 2020 Democratic presidential primary but withdrew before any votes were cast. Williamson launched her latest campaign on March 23.

With the 2024 presidential election approaching, Joe Biden’s strong position in the Democratic Party places him as the frontrunner to secure the nomination. However, potential challenges from an independent candidate and concerns about his age and approval ratings add complexity to his campaign. The state of the economy, his response to global challenges, and criticism of his immigration policy will all play a role in shaping the election landscape. As Biden navigates these hurdles, Marianne Williamson enters the race as a long-shot candidate, aiming to capture attention with her platform centered on justice and love.

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