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Jordan, the US Republican speaker nominee, is famous for doubting Ukraine’s aid, according to Reuters.

US Republican speaker nominee Jordan known as Ukraine aid skeptic

Republican Representative Jim Jordan’s stance on Ukraine aid

U.S. Representative Jim Jordan, the Republican nominee to lead the House of Representatives, has consistently voted against providing aid to Ukraine in its fight against a Russian invasion. He has expressed his opposition to further aid if elected as speaker. This has raised concerns about the future of assistance to Ukraine, as many of his potential successors have also opposed providing additional support to Kyiv. Jordan’s hardline conservative stance has garnered support from a majority of Republicans, but he still falls short of the votes needed to secure the position.

Speaker vacancy and its implications for Ukraine aid

Since October 3, the House has been without a speaker after Kevin McCarthy was removed from the position, marking the first time in U.S. history that a speaker has been ousted. This development has raised doubts about the continuity of aid to Ukraine. With a narrow Republican majority in the House, the next speaker could potentially impede further assistance to Ukraine, even if it has bipartisan support. However, providing military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine remains a priority for President Joe Biden’s administration.

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Jordan’s stance on Ukraine aid questioned

Jordan’s skepticism towards providing aid to Ukraine has drawn criticism from the “Republicans for Ukraine” campaign, which gave him a poor rating for his past votes against Ukraine aid. The campaign highlights the importance of supporting Ukraine and views Jordan’s stance as detrimental to the country’s interests. Jordan has argued that issues such as border security and crime should take precedence over providing aid to Ukraine.

Concerns over excessive spending and corruption allegations

Opponents of providing assistance to Ukraine argue that the funds allocated are excessive and criticize Kyiv for allegedly mishandling the money. However, both U.S. and Ukrainian officials deny these corruption allegations. The reluctance of some members of the Republican caucus to support Ukraine funds was evident when McCarthy led the House in passing a spending bill without including any new money for Ukraine.

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