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Israeli reservists return to homeland, express readiness for conflict, emphasize preparedness to defend nation.

Young Israeli Reservists Return Home, Determined to Fight

Shocking Hamas Attacks Leave Israeli Reservists Determined

Young Israeli reservists stood in line at Paris’ main airport, eager to return home and join the fight against Hamas. The recent attacks had left them shocked and determined to defend their country. Israeli media reported a devastating death toll of 900, with most victims being innocent civilians.

Ready for War: Young Reservists Share Their Experiences

Amidst the chaos, 21-year-old Eden wheeled her suitcase towards the check-in counter, revealing her personal anguish. She had not located three of her girlfriends and knew many people who had tragically lost their lives. Despite the hardships, she expressed her readiness for war, having completed three years of military service.

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“That’s life. We can’t stand idle when our country needs us. We have to fight,” Eden affirmed with determination.

The demand for flights back to Israel surged, prompting El Al and Israir Airlines to add more flights to accommodate the unprecedented call-up of 300,000 reservists by Israel. This sudden turn of events caught 26-year-old Shimone off guard. He expressed shock and concern for his missing friend and others who had already joined the army.

“They are already fully equipped and working. We must stand alongside them,” Shimone stated with conviction.

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A Journey Home to Support Loved Ones

22-year-old Ofir, who had recently been in Vietnam, took the quickest route possible, passing through Bangkok and Paris, to return home. His sole purpose was to stand by the side of his friends, family, and all those affected by the tragic events.

“Being there for the injured and murdered is of utmost importance to me,” Ofir emphasized.

The determination and resilience shown by these young reservists highlight the unwavering spirit of the Israeli people during difficult times. As they courageously step up to defend their homeland, their stories serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made in the name of peace and security.

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