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Israel vows continuous attacks on Hamas; US, Obama call for restraint amid escalating tensions.

Israel’s Military Prepares for Unrelenting Attacks on Hamas as Gaza Death Toll Rises

Israel’s Military Strategy

Israel’s military is gearing up for “unrelenting attacks” in an effort to dismantle Hamas, while former U.S. President Barack Obama cautions against disregarding the human costs of such a strategy. The Palestinian health ministry reports that the death toll in Gaza from the past two weeks of air strikes has exceeded 5,000.

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Intense Airstrikes and Hostage Releases

Israel launched a series of airstrikes on Gaza, targeting hundreds of locations, while its soldiers engaged in combat with Hamas militants during raids into the besieged Palestinian strip. Amidst this chaos, Hamas announced the release of two Israeli women who had been held hostage since October 7. These releases marked the third and fourth hostages to be freed.

Israel’s Determination and Preparations

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Israeli Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi made a statement suggesting that Israel has no plans to limit its strikes on the densely populated Gaza Strip. He hinted at the possibility of a ground assault and expressed the country’s preparedness for such an operation. “We are well prepared for the ground operations in the south,” Halevi stated, referring to the region adjacent to Gaza.

U.S. Calls for Caution and Hostage Negotiations

While publicly acknowledging Israel’s right to defend itself, the United States has privately urged caution in conversations with Israeli officials. The U.S. government is prioritizing negotiations for the release of other hostages. President Joe Biden emphasized the importance of securing the release of the hostages before any discussion of a ceasefire.

Obama’s Warning on Civilian Casualties

In an unusual move for a former U.S. president, Barack Obama issued a statement cautioning Israel against causing excessive civilian casualties in its retaliation against Hamas. He emphasized that disregarding the human costs could have long-lasting negative consequences, alienating generations of Palestinians and eroding global support for Israel. Obama condemned Hamas’ attacks and reiterated his support for Israel’s right to defend itself.

Escalating Conflict and Humanitarian Crisis

The conflict between Israel and Hamas has escalated beyond Gaza, with Israeli aircraft targeting Hezbollah positions in south Lebanon. In the occupied West Bank, clashes between the Israeli army and Palestinians have intensified, and Hamas continues to launch rockets into Israel. As the violence persists, Gaza’s residents are facing dire conditions, with shortages of basic necessities and inadequate shelter.

International Calls for a Humanitarian Pause

European leaders, following the lead of the United Nations and Arab nations, are calling for a “humanitarian pause” in the hostilities to allow aid to reach the people of Gaza. While some humanitarian aid has been delivered, fuel reserves are dwindling, exacerbating the crisis.


The situation in Gaza remains dire as the death toll rises and the humanitarian crisis worsens. The international community is urging both sides to exercise restraint and work towards a resolution that prioritizes the well-being of civilians.

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