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Israel dismisses Hamas’ allegation of rejecting hostage release as “propaganda,” calling it false and misleading.

Israel Rejects Hamas’ Claim of Hostage Release as “Propaganda”

Israel dismisses Hamas’ claim of rejected hostage release

Israel has denounced Hamas’ assertion that it wanted to release two additional hostages on humanitarian grounds, but Israel declined their offer. The Israeli government referred to this claim as mere “propaganda.” The statement came in response to Abu Ubaida, the spokesman for Hamas’ armed wing, who announced their intention to release the hostages to Qatar. This announcement was made on the same day that Americans Judith Tai Ranaan and her daughter Natalie were freed by Hamas.

Hamas expresses readiness to release more hostages

Hamas spokesperson Abu Ubaida later stated that the group was prepared to release the two individuals on Sunday, using the same procedures employed during the release of Judith and Natalie. It is worth noting that Hamas had captured approximately 210 people during its deadly assault in southern Israel on October 7. Qatar, which facilitated the release of the American hostages, has yet to comment on Hamas’ intention to free more captives.

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Israeli Prime Minister’s office dismisses Hamas’ claim

In a brief statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office rebuffed Hamas’ allegations, declaring them to be false propaganda. The statement emphasized Israel’s commitment to taking all necessary actions to bring back all kidnapped and missing individuals to their families.

Focus on safe return of hostages

Israel’s stance underscores its determination to prioritize the safe return of all hostages. By rejecting Hamas’ claim and dismissing it as propaganda, Israel is reiterating its commitment to resolving the ongoing crisis and ensuring the release of all captives.

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