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Israel Conflict Escalates Urgency in US Republican House Speaker Crisis

Republicans Under Pressure to Select House Speaker as Israel Declares War

Republicans in the U.S. Congress are facing new pressure to choose a House speaker following Israel’s declaration of war. The conflict was triggered by a rare attack from Hamas militants, prompting calls for increased U.S. military aid. The thorny issue of federal government spending in the next fiscal year is a key factor in the speaker selection process, with top candidate Jim Jordan insisting on a decision before moving forward.

In 2016, the U.S. committed to providing $3.8 billion in annual aid to Israel under former President Barack Obama. This aid is part of a 10-year, $38 billion deal that ensures Israel receives weapons, ammunition, and other military support. However, the House cannot approve new aid until a replacement for Republican speaker Kevin McCarthy is chosen, a vote expected to take place this week.

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Republican Representative Michael McCaul expressed concerns about the impact of the current situation on the perception of U.S. governance. He questioned the message being sent to adversaries when the House is dysfunctional and lacks a speaker. However, Jordan and others insist that a spending bill must be agreed upon before selecting a new speaker.

House Republicans have been divided for months over proposed spending cuts that would reduce government funding to levels seen in fiscal year 2022. This division almost resulted in a government shutdown just over a week ago. Any bill containing significant spending cuts is unlikely to pass the Democrat-controlled Senate.

Republican Representative Ken Buck emphasized the importance of addressing spending concerns before supporting any candidate for speaker. He expects a closed-door speaker selection to take place on Wednesday or Thursday, avoiding the 15 floor votes that preceded Kevin McCarthy’s election as speaker in January.

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Matt Gaetz, the Florida congressman who led McCarthy’s ouster, downplayed the impact of the speaker election on Israel’s security needs. He suggested that the U.S. could still fulfill Israel’s requests, regardless of the ongoing political situation. However, it remains unclear whether Israel has already requested additional security assistance from the U.S. and whether this would fall under the existing $38 billion aid deal reached in 2016.

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie criticized the actions of some members of his party, deeming them irresponsible given the ongoing situation. He highlighted the need for a functioning House speaker, stating that the current situation only highlights the existing irresponsibility.

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