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Iran’s UN delegation denies any involvement in Hamas attacks, according to Tehran

Iran Denies Involvement in Hamas Attacks on Israel

Iran’s UN Mission Speaks Out

The mission of Iran to the United Nations has categorically denied any involvement in the recent deadly attacks carried out by Hamas on Israel. The Islamist group killed 700 Israelis and abducted numerous others in one of the bloodiest attacks in Israel’s history. Iran’s UN mission released a statement asserting that the measures taken by Palestine were a legitimate defense against years of oppressive occupation by the Zionist regime.

Backing for Hamas

While Iran has been open about its support for Hamas, providing funding and weapons to the group as well as another Palestinian militant organization, Islamic Jihad, the country maintains that it was not directly involved in the recent attacks. The assault by Hamas, which was the largest incursion into Israel in decades, coincided with efforts to normalize ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel, backed by the United States. This potential defense deal between Washington and Riyadh has put a strain on the Saudi-Iran relationship.

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Surprise Attack

Hamas’ rampage through Israeli towns has been the most devastating incursion since the Yom Kippur war 50 years ago, and it has the potential to reignite the long-running conflict. Iran’s UN mission emphasized that the success of the Hamas operation was due to it being a surprise attack, which they claim signifies a failure on the part of Israel’s security organizations. They dismissed Israel’s attempt to attribute their failure to Iran’s intelligence power and operational planning.

Israeli Retaliation

In response to the Hamas attacks, Israel has launched airstrikes on housing blocks, tunnels, mosques, and the homes of Hamas officials in Gaza. This retaliation has resulted in the deaths of over 400 people, including 20 children. Iran’s UN mission called out Israel for struggling to accept that they were defeated by a Palestinian group, as narrated within the intelligence community.

While tensions remain high between Israel, Palestine, Iran, and other regional players, the situation continues to evolve. The international community closely watches for any developments that may impact the fragile balance in the region.

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