HomeWorldIran responds to Israel with drone and missile attack, targeting multiple locations.

Iran responds to Israel with drone and missile attack, targeting multiple locations.

Iran Launches Direct Attack on Israel, U.S. Pledges Support

Iran Strikes Israel Directly for the First Time

Iran launched explosive drones and missiles at Israel late on Saturday in its first direct attack on Israeli territory. The retaliatory strike heightened the threat of a wider regional conflict, with the U.S. pledging “ironclad” backing for Israel.

Israel Responds to Iranian Attack

Sirens wailed as Israel intercepted explosive drones, leading to distant heavy thuds and bangs. A 7-year-old girl was critically injured in the aftermath. Israel’s military spokesperson revealed that Iran launched dozens of ground-to-ground missiles, most of which were intercepted outside Israeli borders.

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Escalation of Conflict

The Iranian salvo included over 200 drones and missiles, causing light damage to an Israeli military facility. Despite the initial alert, the Israeli military later confirmed that residents were not advised to take shelter, signaling the end of the immediate threat.

International Response and Condemnation

Iran had vowed retaliation for an alleged Israeli strike on its Damascus consulate, resulting in the death of seven officers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The United Nations Secretary-General expressed deep concern over the escalating conflict, with various countries condemning Iran’s attack.

Global Concerns and Political Reactions

The U.N. Security Council scheduled a meeting to address the situation, while President Joe Biden reassured Israel of U.S. support. The ongoing Gaza war, tensions with Lebanon and Syria, and threats from Yemen and Iraq have further complicated the regional landscape.

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Heightened Security Measures in the Region

Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria implemented airspace restrictions, with Egypt urging restraint. The European Union and several countries denounced Iran’s attack, emphasizing the need for de-escalation and diplomatic solutions.

Implications for Future Conflict

The conflict between Israel and Iran, previously conducted through proxies, now poses a direct threat. The involvement of U.S. and British warplanes and regional allies like Hezbollah signals a potential shift towards open conflict with global repercussions.

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