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Innocent Black man, wrongly imprisoned, tragically killed by Georgia deputy in devastating incident.

Georgia Deputy Fatally Shoots Black Man Freed From Prison After Wrongful Conviction

Tragic Traffic Stop Ends in Fatality

A devastating incident unfolded on Monday when Leonard Allan Cure, a Black man who spent 16 years in prison for an armed robbery conviction that was later overturned, was fatally shot by a Georgia sheriff’s deputy during a routine traffic stop. Cure was on his way to visit his mother in Florida when the altercation occurred along Interstate 95 in Camden County near the Florida border.

Years of Injustice

Twenty years ago, Cure was arrested for an armed robbery and assault with a firearm at a Walgreen’s store in Dania Beach, Florida. Despite maintaining his innocence, Cure was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to life in prison. However, in December 2019, Cure’s case was reopened based on new evidence and questions surrounding his identification as a suspect. After a thorough investigation, a judge vacated Cure’s convictions and dropped all charges against him.

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A Promising Future Cut Short

Leonard Cure’s tragic death comes as a shock to those who knew him. The Innocence Project of Florida, which represented Cure during his appeal, expressed their devastation and highlighted Cure’s positive trajectory in life. He had a job, was in the process of purchasing a home, and had aspirations to study music production in college.

Details Surrounding the Incident

The circumstances leading to Cure’s fateful encounter with the deputy remain unclear. The officer, who has not been identified, pulled Cure over and informed him that he was under arrest. Cure allegedly did not comply with the deputy’s requests and proceeded to assault him. Before resorting to lethal force, the deputy attempted to subdue Cure using a Taser and a baton. Despite receiving medical attention from paramedics, Cure tragically succumbed to his injuries.

Seeking Answers and Accountability

Camden County Sheriff Jim Proctor took to social media, announcing that he has requested an investigation into the incident by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. The community and activists are now demanding transparency and justice for Leonard Cure.

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While we await further information on this tragic event, it serves as a stark reminder of the flaws within the criminal justice system and the urgent need for reform.

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