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Increase in Japan’s machinery orders could alleviate worries about domestic demand, according to recent data.

Japan’s Capital Spending Stronger Than Expected in February

Tetsushi Kajimoto Reports on Japan’s Capital Spending

Japan’s core machinery orders surged 7.7% in February, exceeding economists’ expectations and rebounding from the previous month’s decline. This growth signals a positive outlook for domestic demand despite the yen’s decline against the dollar, which may impact living costs.

Strong Growth in Machinery Orders

In February, core machinery orders rose significantly, surpassing forecasts and reversing a decline in January. This data, a key indicator of future capital spending, showed a 1.8% decrease from the previous year, lower than economists’ projections.

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Boost in Capital Spending

The robust capital spending figures alleviate concerns about weak domestic demand in Japan. Policymakers aim to stimulate sustainable growth through increased consumption and stable wages, which are essential for economic recovery.

Delayed Investment Implementation

Although Japanese firms have outlined substantial investment plans, economic uncertainties have led to delays in executing these strategies. Overcoming these challenges is crucial to capitalizing on the potential for growth.

Impact of Weakening Yen

The yen’s recent decline against the dollar has raised concerns about import prices and inflation, adding pressure on living expenses. This trend highlights the need for prudent economic policies to maintain stability.

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Bank of Japan’s Policy Shift

Last month, the Bank of Japan made a significant policy change by ending negative interest rates. This decision followed wage increases by major firms, signaling a shift towards a more balanced economic approach.

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