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Rebels in Myanmar successfully defend border town against junta assault, thwarting regime’s attempt to reclaim area.

The Battle for Myawaddy: Resistance Group Repels Junta Troops Along Thai Border

A Fierce Standoff

A resistance group in Myanmar fighting against military rule successfully repelled an attempt by junta troops to advance on the strategic town of Myawaddy along the Thai border. The town was seized by rebels last week, and reinforcements of junta forces have been met with fierce resistance, pushing them back in a battle approximately 40 kilometers away.

Defiance Against the Junta

Saw Taw Nee, a spokesperson for the Karen National Union (KNU), revealed that the junta forces faced significant challenges in their advance towards Myawaddy. The KNU fighters effectively blocked and intercepted the troops, thwarting their efforts to reclaim the town.

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A Struggle for Control

The KNU’s information on the battle could not be independently verified, as the military junta did not respond to requests for comment. Myawaddy, situated next to Thailand, was liberated from military control by a coalition of anti-junta forces led by the KNU. Fighting ensued between the villages of Kawkareik and Kaw Nwet along the main Asian Highway 1 leading west from the Thai border.

Human Cost of the Conflict

According to Saw Taw Nee, the junta suffered significant losses in the battle, with an estimated toll of around 100 deaths and injuries. The resistance forces managed to destroy one armed carrier and a military truck belonging to the junta. The ongoing turmoil in Myanmar, triggered by the military coup in 2021, has led to widespread protests and an armed resistance movement against the junta.

Unity in Resistance

The resistance movement, in collaboration with established ethnic rebel groups, continues to challenge the military’s authority across various regions of Myanmar. Saw Taw Nee emphasized the importance of unity among different groups to effectively combat the military’s oppressive rule.

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Call for International Support

Saw Taw Nee highlighted the plight of over one million displaced people within KNU territories and called upon the international community, including neighboring Thailand, to provide support. He urged the junta to recognize their military setbacks as a signal to return power to the people and listen to their demands.

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