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In Gaza crisis, Biden under minimal domestic pressure to curb Israel, maintaining its autonomy.

U.S. President Biden Faces Little Domestic Pressure to Restrain Israel’s Military Response to Gaza Attack


Despite the dire situation in Gaza due to Israeli bombardment, President Joe Biden is not facing significant pressure at home to rein in Israel’s military retaliation. Biden has given Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the freedom to pursue his war against Palestinian Hamas militants, but a potential ground offensive could force the president to reconsider his approach.

Domestic Support for Israel

Biden’s unwavering support for Israel has garnered little opposition within his own party. Democratic leaders have worked to maintain unity and avoid giving Republicans the opportunity to accuse Biden of undermining a key U.S. ally. Republican lawmakers have overwhelmingly backed Israel’s military actions in response to the recent attack by Hamas.

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International Criticism

While the international community has expressed mounting concern over Israel’s warning to evacuate Gaza civilians, Biden’s allies in Washington are cautious about making statements that could be seen as undermining Israel’s response. This is particularly important as Biden looks ahead to his potential re-election campaign in 2024.

Progressive Voices

Although the majority of Democrats support Israel, some progressive voices within the party have called for restraint to prevent civilian casualties. Democratic leaders have condemned Hamas and expressed support for Israel but have also emphasized the importance of protecting innocent Palestinian lives.

Challenges for Biden

Biden, a lifelong friend of Israel, must navigate the delicate balance between supporting Israel and addressing the concerns of Palestinians. While he has refrained from explicitly calling for Israel to curb its response, his Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, has urged Israel to take precautions to avoid harming civilians.

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American Public Opinion

A majority of Americans sympathize with Israel, but recent polls show that Democrats are slightly more favorable toward Palestinians than Israel. Biden’s administration has been cautious about attempting to restart Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, as both sides have shown little willingness to compromise.

Insufficient Action

Some critics argue that Biden’s approach lacks a broader vision for addressing the underlying conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. While efforts have been made to address Palestinian needs in recent talks, there is a sense that more could be done to alleviate the suffering of Palestinians.

The Way Forward

As the crisis in the Middle East continues, Biden must navigate the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Balancing support for Israel with the need to address Palestinian concerns presents a significant challenge, one that will require careful diplomacy and a commitment to finding a just and lasting resolution.

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