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IMF suggests rise in US bond sales could be due to surplus supply in the market.

The IMF Observes US Bond Sell-Off Amidst Global Economy Risks

The IMF’s Watchful Eye on Global Bond Markets

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is closely monitoring the recent selloff in global bond markets, recognizing the potential risks it poses to the global economy. Pierre-Olivier Gourinchas, the IMF’s chief economist, emphasizes the importance of understanding the tightening of financial conditions as one of these risks.

US Bond Sell-Off: A Reflection of Supply

Gourinchas suggests that the sell-off of U.S. bonds may not be a result of significant concerns about interest rate hikes or long-term risks. Instead, he believes it could be attributed to a surplus of bonds in the market, leading to an adjustment in prices. This surplus could be due to increased government issuances.

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Risk Appetite and the U.S. Treasury Market

Gourinchas finds it peculiar that there hasn’t been a significant decline in risk appetite in equity and credit markets despite the U.S. bond sell-off. He questions the potential buyers in the U.S. Treasury market, especially considering the substantial amount of government-issued bonds available. It raises concerns about the market’s ability to absorb such a large quantity.

IMF’s Recommendation: Easing Fiscal Spending

The IMF encourages the United States to reduce fiscal spending, considering the country’s positive economic performance, the containment of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the absence of war. Gourinchas explains that during prosperous times, it is ideal to reduce deficits, allowing for expansion during challenging periods.

Quantity Over Risk

Gourinchas highlights that the current situation may reflect a lack of appetite for the significant amount of debt present in the market rather than increased risk. He emphasizes that the market must absorb this debt, which could be challenging due to the sheer quantity.

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