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HSBC to Acquire Citigroup’s Onshore Consumer Wealth Unit in China

Citigroup to Sell China Onshore Consumer Wealth Unit to HSBC

Citigroup Inc announced on Monday that it has reached an agreement to sell its onshore consumer wealth portfolio in China, including clients, assets under management (AUM), and deposits to HSBC Bank China.

Citigroup’s Strategic Move

This strategic move by Citigroup reflects its focus on optimizing its business operations and streamlining its portfolio. By selling its onshore consumer wealth unit to HSBC, Citigroup aims to strengthen its position and enhance its growth prospects in other market segments.

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The Deal Details

The deal encompasses the transfer of total deposits and investment AUMs of approximately $3.6 billion. This transaction will enable HSBC Bank China to expand its presence in the Chinese market and further solidify its position as a leading financial institution.

Benefits for HSBC Bank China

Through this acquisition, HSBC Bank China will gain access to a significant customer base and a substantial wealth portfolio in China. This will enable HSBC to offer a wider range of financial products and services to its customers, thereby enhancing its competitiveness in the market.

Customer Impact

For the customers of Citigroup’s onshore consumer wealth unit in China, the transition to HSBC Bank China will bring new opportunities and benefits. They can expect a seamless experience as their accounts and investments are smoothly transferred to HSBC. Additionally, they will have access to HSBC’s extensive global network and expertise.

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Industry Outlook

This deal between Citigroup and HSBC Bank China signifies the ongoing consolidation and restructuring in the financial industry. It highlights the importance of strategic partnerships and acquisitions to strengthen market positions and drive growth in an increasingly competitive landscape.


The sale of Citigroup’s China onshore consumer wealth unit to HSBC Bank China demonstrates the commitment of both banks to adapt and optimize their operations. This transaction will not only benefit the banks involved but also create new opportunities for customers in China’s wealth management sector.

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