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Haiti’s transition chief urges UN to shift focus from words to actions, emphasizing action-oriented approach.

Foreign Troops Urgently Needed to Restore Security in Haiti

Call for Action to Address Escalating Conflict

The head of Haiti’s democratic transition council has urged immediate action to deploy foreign troops to the Caribbean island nation. This move is crucial to help the police restore security amid a worsening conflict. Powerful gangs have forced approximately 200,000 people to flee their homes, leaving Haiti in a state of turmoil.

Hope for United Nations Security Council’s Intervention

Mirlande Manigat, leader of the High Transition Council (HTC), expressed her hope that the United Nations Security Council will move beyond mere rhetoric and take concrete action. She emphasized the urgent need for foreign troops to support the national police, a measure eagerly awaited by many Haitians, especially those who have been victims of the escalating violence.

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Protecting the Vulnerable and Combating Arms Trafficking

Manigat also stressed the importance of prioritizing the protection of vulnerable individuals and intensifying efforts to combat arms trafficking. The influx of firearms, primarily trafficked from the United States, has left the Haitian police outgunned and ill-equipped to restore order.

Prime Minister’s Commitment to Restoring Order

A year ago, Haiti’s unelected prime minister requested international assistance to help the police regain control. Prime Minister Ariel Henry has pledged to hold elections once security is reestablished. The HTC plays a vital role in preparing for these elections, despite facing setbacks such as the recent kidnapping of its secretary general.

Expanding Gang Territories and Lack of International Commitment

Gangs have continued to expand their territories, leaving an estimated 2 million people living under their control. The United Nations ratified the deployment of an international force to address the situation, but few countries have pledged troops. Diplomats at the Security Council urged committed countries to expedite the delivery of necessary documents, including rules of engagement and exit strategies.

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The Critical Role of the International Force

Catherine Russell, the head of the U.N. UNICEF children’s agency, emphasized the critical role the international force will play in reestablishing social services. Russell highlighted the dire need for increased support and flexible humanitarian funding from the international community to address the severely under-funded campaigns.

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