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Grayscale approved to launch Bitcoin ETF as SEC clears the path for its debut.

Grayscale Bitcoin ETF Gets Green Light as SEC Steps Aside


In a significant move for the cryptocurrency industry, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided not to contest a ruling by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, allowing Grayscale Investments LLC to launch an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). This decision paves the way for Grayscale’s transformation and unlocks new opportunities for investors.

Grayscale’s Transition

The court’s verdict, reached by a panel of three judges, was subject to potential review by a larger panel. However, the SEC’s decision not to oppose this ruling effectively supports Grayscale’s plan to transform its trust into an ETF.

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Grayscale Investments LLC has long advocated for this transition, emphasizing that it would unlock billions in investor value by enabling simplified share creation and redemption. These features are currently absent in their closed-end structure, which has faced criticism for preventing investors from redeeming shares when prices fall, resulting in substantial discounts relative to Bitcoin’s inherent value.

Benefits of the Bitcoin ETF

The introduction of the Bitcoin ETF is expected to provide investors with greater flexibility and potentially stimulate more participation in the cryptocurrency market. By simplifying the process of share creation and redemption, the ETF offers investors an opportunity to capitalize on Bitcoin’s market fluctuations more effectively.


The SEC’s decision not to contest the court’s ruling allows Grayscale Investments LLC to move forward with its plan to launch a Bitcoin ETF. This development marks a significant milestone for the cryptocurrency industry and opens up new avenues for investors to engage with the market. With simplified share creation and redemption, the ETF aims to unlock the full potential of Bitcoin investments and foster greater participation in the digital currency space.

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