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Genesis settlement of $175M to FTX gets court approval, erasing billions in claims.

A New York Bankruptcy Judge Approves $175 Million Settlement Between FTX and Genesis Global Trading

Settlement Approved for FTX and Genesis Global Trading

A settlement agreement between bankrupt cryptocurrency firms FTX and Genesis Global Trading (GGC) has been approved by a New York bankruptcy judge. This decision allows FTX-affiliated Alameda Research to receive $175 million from GGC.

Approval from the United States Bankruptcy Court

The United States Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York has given the green light to the settlement agreement between FTX and GGC’s parent company, Genesis Global Holdings. The court filing was submitted on October 11.

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A Positive Outcome for FTX and Alameda Research

This approval brings relief to FTX and Alameda Research, as they can now move forward with the settlement and receive the funds. The $175 million settlement will greatly benefit FTX and help them recover from their financial troubles.

Implications for the Cryptocurrency Market

This settlement has important implications for the cryptocurrency market. It highlights the legal processes and regulations that govern the industry, ensuring that bankrupt companies can reach agreements and settle their debts.

The Role of Genesis Global Trading

Genesis Global Trading played a crucial role in this settlement as the parent company of GGC. Their cooperation and agreement to the settlement have paved the way for FTX and Alameda Research to receive the much-needed funds.

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The Future of FTX and Alameda Research

With this settlement, FTX and Alameda Research can now focus on their future endeavors. The $175 million infusion will enable them to invest in new projects, expand their operations, and continue their contributions to the cryptocurrency market.


The approval of the settlement between FTX and Genesis Global Trading is a significant milestone for both parties. It not only resolves their financial disputes but also sets a precedent for other bankrupt cryptocurrency firms. This decision reinforces the importance of legal processes and regulations in the crypto industry and provides a positive outlook for the future.

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