HomeCryptocurrencyFTX real estate purchases 5.5 million Solana coins, according to Cointelegraph report.

FTX real estate purchases 5.5 million Solana coins, according to Cointelegraph report.

FTX Estate Stakes 5.5M Solana Coins

The FTX Estate Bullish on SOL

The FTX estate recently made a significant move in the cryptocurrency market. On October 13, they staked over 5.5 million Solana (SOL) coins, showcasing their bullish stance on this particular digital currency. The transaction was carried out through Figment, a staking validator firm catering to institutional investors.

Transaction Details and Wallet Identification

The transaction caught the attention of blockchain tracker Whale Alert, which later identified the sender as an FTX-identified wallet. Notably, pseudonymous on-chain researcher Ashpool played a crucial role in confirming the FTX estate’s involvement. The staked coins are currently valued at $122 million, representing a small portion of FTX’s overall SOL holdings.

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