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FTX hacker possibly using SBF trial to divert attention, warns CertiK By Cointelegraph.

FTX Hacker May Be Using SBF Trial as Smokescreen, Says CertiK

The hacker responsible for stealing over $400 million from FTX and FTX US in November might be utilizing the buzz surrounding Sam Bankman-Fried’s fraud trial to further conceal the stolen funds, according to CertiK’s director of security operations, Hugh Brooks.

Just days before the commencement of Bankman-Fried’s criminal trial, the hacker known as “FTX Drainer” initiated the movement of millions in Ether acquired from the November attack.

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New Laundering Method Unveiled

CertiK has recorded the emergence of a novel laundering technique employed by the FTX hacker on October 2, shedding light on the ongoing activities.

Enhancing the Article with Additional Information

Adding to the intrigue of the situation, CertiK’s director of security operations, Hugh Brooks, believes that the hacker’s timing is not coincidental. By leveraging the attention surrounding Sam Bankman-Fried’s trial, the FTX Drainer may be attempting to divert focus and obfuscate the stolen funds even further.

While the exact motives and strategies of the hacker remain unclear, CertiK’s findings suggest that the FTX Drainer is actively working to keep the stolen funds hidden, taking advantage of the anticipation surrounding the trial.

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With the trial looming, the FTX Drainer’s actions raise questions about the hacker’s ultimate goals and their intentions regarding the stolen funds. The ongoing investigation by CertiK aims to shed more light on these complex and intriguing developments.

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