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Friend.tech introduces enhanced security feature to protect against SIM-swap attacks, prioritizing user safety.

Friend.tech Enhances Security Measures to Protect Users from SIM-Swap Attacks

New Security Feature Implemented to Safeguard Friend.tech Users

The team at Friend.tech, the decentralized social media platform, has recently introduced an additional security feature to counter the rising number of SIM-swap attacks targeting its users. This step aims to enhance the safety of user accounts.

Incorporating 2FA Password for Added Protection

In an effort to combat compromised cell carriers or email services, Friend.tech now allows users to add a two-factor authentication (2FA) password to their accounts. This feature provides an extra layer of security and protection against potential breaches.

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Friend.tech’s Commitment to User Safety

The team emphasized the significance of safeguarding user accounts and ensuring their protection. By implementing the 2FA password feature, Friend.tech demonstrates its commitment to maintaining a secure environment for its users.

Positive Response from Users

Since the announcement, many users have expressed their appreciation for the added security measures. Friend.tech’s proactive approach in addressing potential vulnerabilities has garnered praise and instilled confidence among its user base.

Steady Growth and Development

Friend.tech has experienced consistent growth and progress since its inception. The platform has successfully attracted a substantial number of users, contributing to its increasing value and influence within the decentralized social media landscape.

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Ensuring Continued User Safety

With the introduction of the 2FA password feature, Friend.tech aims to fortify its security measures and protect users from potential threats. By taking proactive steps to enhance user safety, the platform remains committed to providing a secure and reliable social media experience.


Friend.tech’s implementation of the 2FA password feature reflects its dedication to user security. By prioritizing protection against SIM-swap attacks, the platform strengthens its position as a trusted and secure decentralized social media platform.

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