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Founder of Nubank states that 98% of cryptocurrencies are not suitable for investment.

Why 98% of Cryptocurrencies aren’t Worth Investing In, According to Nubank Founder

The Misunderstood World of Cryptocurrencies

David Vélez, the founder and CEO of Nubank, recently shared his insights on the world of cryptocurrencies in an interview with Fortune. He emphasized that while 98% of cryptocurrencies may not be suitable for investment, Bitcoin (BTC) and a few others stand out as exceptional options.

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Bitcoin: A Unique Investment

Vélez stated, “The majority of cryptocurrencies are not genuine investment assets. However, we believe that Bitcoin is unlike anything else, and there are a few other tokens that make sense. We see Bitcoin as an asset in which consumers should invest, which is why we offer a cryptocurrency investment platform.”

A Late Entry into the Cryptocurrency Market

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Nubank entered the cryptocurrency market relatively late, announcing its initiatives during the 2020-2021 bull run. Nevertheless, Vélez mentioned that the bank’s distinct perspective sets it apart from other companies in the sector, giving it an advantage in launching innovative products and services.

A Different Approach

Nubank’s CEO expressed enthusiasm for the market and emphasized the bank’s commitment to delivering a unique experience for its customers. With a fresh perspective, Nubank aims to leverage its advantageous position to provide tailored cryptocurrency solutions.

The Road Ahead

While Vélez acknowledged that the cryptocurrency market is highly dynamic and ever-evolving, he believes that Nubank’s focus and determination will propel its success. By staying ahead of the curve and adapting to customer needs, Nubank aims to remain a prominent player in the cryptocurrency space.

In Conclusion

The cryptocurrency market remains a complex and rapidly changing landscape. Nubank’s founder firmly believes in the potential of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, as viable investment assets. As Nubank continues to innovate and cater to its customers’ evolving needs, it aims to solidify its position as a leader in the cryptocurrency industry.

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