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Former Israeli hostage speaks positively about her treatment by Hamas following initial violence.

An Elderly Israeli Hostage Shares Her Ordeal: From Violence to Unexpected Kindness

An Unexpected Journey

In a shocking tale of survival and resilience, Yocheved Lifshitz, an 85-year-old Israeli hostage, bravely recounts her harrowing experience with Hamas. Released after two weeks of captivity, Lifshitz reveals the initial violence she endured before being treated with unexpected kindness.

A Journey Through Hell

Seated in a wheelchair outside the Tel Aviv hospital, Lifshitz’s frail figure tells a story of strength and endurance. She vividly recalls being forcefully taken into Gaza on October 7th, enduring beatings by militants during the journey. “We didn’t think or know we would get to this situation,” she shares, her voice filled with pain and disbelief.

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A Bumpy Ride

Lifshitz describes the terrifying motorbike ride that took her from her kibbutz into the heart of Gaza. The young men who held her captive did not hold back, hitting her along the way. Though her ribs remained intact, the pain and difficulty breathing were undeniable.

From Darkness to Unexpected Kindness

Once inside Gaza, Lifshitz found herself in a labyrinth of tunnels resembling a spider’s web. Surprisingly, her captors treated her well during her time in captivity. She expressed gratitude for a doctor who visited and ensured that she and her fellow hostages received the necessary medications.

Security Measures and Lessons Learned

Reflecting on her ordeal, Lifshitz criticizes the Israeli military for not taking the threat of Hamas seriously enough. She also notes that the costly security fence, intended to keep militants out, proved ineffective in their case. The experience has left her with a renewed perspective on the importance of security measures.

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In this remarkable tale of survival, Yocheved Lifshitz’s courage shines through the darkness. Her journey from violence to unexpected kindness serves as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

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