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Fire engulfs Paraguay’s largest prison as inmates riot and hold guards captive, reports Reuters.

Paraguay’s Largest Prison in Chaos as Inmates Riot and Take Guards Hostage

Rebellion Erupts at Tacumbu Penitentiary

A chaotic scene unfolded at Paraguay’s overcrowded Tacumbu penitentiary as inmates launched a violent riot on Tuesday. The rebellion resulted in 11 guards being taken hostage and widespread destruction throughout the facility located on the outskirts of the capital, Asuncion.

Hostages Released as Authorities Respond

Amidst the chaos, two hostages were released as government and military forces swiftly responded to the revolt. Interior Minister Enrique Riera confirmed that two police officers sustained injuries during the clashes.

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Gangs Hold Sway Inside

Tacumbu, home to nearly 4,000 inmates, is a ramshackle, tin-roof building where gangs hold significant influence over daily life. The prison’s dilapidated state has allowed these criminal organizations to exert near-total control.

Inmate Defiance Amidst Flames

Photographs captured the intensity of the situation, with a shirtless inmate seen standing atop a prison wall, hurling rocks at security personnel while using a wooden board to shield himself. Meanwhile, police officers cautiously positioned themselves behind riot shields as flames engulfed the prison entrance. Thankfully, firefighters managed to bring the blaze under control.

Anguish and Uncertainty for Families

Outside the prison walls, anxious families gathered, awaiting news of their loved ones trapped inside. The emotional toll on these families cannot be understated, as they grapple with the uncertainty and fear for the safety of their incarcerated relatives.

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Promising Reform Amidst Chaos

Interior Minister Riera expressed Paraguay’s commitment to prison reform, vowing to address the underlying issues once the riot is quelled. This incident has shed light on the urgent need to overhaul the country’s prison system and provide a safer environment for both inmates and guards.

As Paraguay grapples with the aftermath of this violent uprising, it is evident that comprehensive changes are necessary to prevent further unrest and improve the overall conditions within its prisons.

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