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Ferrari in the US now welcomes cryptocurrency as a payment method for purchasing their cars.

Ferrari Accepts Cryptocurrency as Payment for Luxury Sports Cars

Ferrari Ventures into the World of Cryptocurrency

Ferrari, the renowned luxury sports car manufacturer, has announced that it will now accept payment in cryptocurrency for its vehicles in the United States. This move comes after significant demand from its affluent clientele, and the company plans to extend the payment option to Europe as well. Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, revealed that many of their customers have invested in cryptocurrencies and expressed a desire to use them for purchasing their dream cars.

A Breakthrough Amidst Crypto Skepticism

While most prominent companies have shied away from cryptocurrencies due to their volatile nature and practical limitations in commerce, Ferrari has taken a bold step forward. Notably, electric car manufacturer Tesla had briefly accepted Bitcoin as payment earlier this year but halted the practice due to environmental concerns. However, Ferrari believes that cryptocurrencies have made efforts to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace renewable energy sources. Galliera emphasized that Ferrari remains committed to achieving carbon neutrality across its entire value chain by 2030.

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Catering to a Diverse Clientele

Ferrari’s decision to accept cryptocurrency payments stems from the requests of both traditional and young investors. Some clients have amassed their wealth through cryptocurrencies, while others seek to diversify their investment portfolios. This move by Ferrari aims to establish a connection with potential customers who may not currently own a Ferrari but have the means to afford one.

Expanding the Crypto Payment Option

Ferrari plans to partner with BitPay, one of the largest cryptocurrency payment processors, for its initial foray into accepting crypto payments. The company will allow transactions in popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and USDC. BitPay will facilitate the immediate conversion of these virtual currencies into traditional fiat currencies, protecting both Ferrari and its dealers from price fluctuations. The Italian automaker intends to extend this payment option to Europe by the first quarter of next year and subsequently to other regions where cryptocurrencies are legally accepted.

An Optimistic Outlook

Ferrari’s marketing and commercial chief expressed confidence in the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency payments. While the company did not disclose the expected number of cars to be sold through crypto, it asserted that its order portfolio remains strong and fully booked until 2025. By embracing cryptocurrencies, Ferrari aims to forge stronger connections with potential customers and capture new market segments.

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As Ferrari enters the world of cryptocurrency, it not only adapts to the evolving landscape of digital currencies but also taps into the desires and preferences of its discerning clientele. This groundbreaking move positions Ferrari as a pioneer in the luxury car industry and opens up exciting possibilities for both the company and its customers.

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