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Ethereum underperforms as Benjamin Cowen points out its weak performance, according to U.Today’s analysis.

Ethereum’s Performance: A Closer Look

Analyst Benjamin Cowen Reveals Ethereum’s Underwhelming Performance

Many in the cryptocurrency community have long held the belief that Ethereum (ETH) has been performing exceptionally well. However, analyst Benjamin Cowen recently shed light on the true state of ETH’s performance, which may surprise some.

Data Analysis Exposes Ethereum’s Dwindling Value

Cowen presented compelling data that highlighted a significant decline in Ethereum’s value compared to Bitcoin (BTC). In May 2023, BTC was priced at $26,800, while ETH was valued at $1,804. Fast forward to October 11, 2023, and BTC’s price remained steady, while ETH had dropped to $1,564. This downward trend was further emphasized by the diminishing BTC/ETH ratio, which fell from 0.067 to 0.058 during the same period.

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A Holistic Perspective Challenges Selective Statistics

Some crypto enthusiasts argued that ETH’s 77% surge from its lowest point surpassed BTC’s 73% increase. However, Cowen quickly pointed out the selective nature of these statistics. He emphasized that a holistic view reveals a different reality – from their all-time highs, ETH had retracted by 61%, while BTC experienced a slightly lower decline of 68%.

Current Market Analysis Supports Cowen’s Findings

A closer look at the current market further solidifies Cowen’s stance. Bitcoin is currently trading at around $26,727.99, maintaining a semblance of stability. On the other hand, Ethereum struggles at approximately $1,551.34, a concerning figure for investors who remember its past highs.

The Nuances of Market Movements and Assumptions

This discussion delves beyond mere numbers; it serves as a lesson in market perception versus reality. Despite Ethereum’s groundbreaking contributions to the DeFi and NFT sectors, it has not been immune to market strains. Comparing Ethereum’s trajectory with Bitcoin’s highlights the complexities of market movements and challenges general assumptions.

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Looking Beyond Surface-Level Data for Informed Decisions

Momentary spikes and dips can be deceiving, and an asset’s true health is often revealed through longer-term trends and broader market contexts. This revelation does not undermine Ethereum’s potential but serves as a reminder for traders to dig deeper, moving beyond the surface-level chatter to make well-informed investment decisions.

This article was originally published on U.Today

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