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Ethereum (ETH) Developers Tease Exciting Progress Before Deneb Release, Promising Advancements for the Network

Ethereum Developers Tease Major Step Ahead of Deneb Release

Ethereum Developers Prepare for Deneb-Cancun Upgrade

In preparation for the Deneb-Cancun upgrade, Ethereum developers are making significant progress. They are now teasing the launch of Devnet #10, which is expected to be the final devnet before the upgrade is released on public testnets like Goerli.

Waiting on Client Teams for New Software Releases

According to Barnabas Busa, a DevOps engineer for Ethereum Foundation, the launch of Devnet #10 depends on the readiness of client teams and their new software releases. Once these releases are ready, Devnet #10, which will most likely be the last devnet, might be launched.

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New Deneb Release for CL Clients

Ethereum has also announced a new Deneb release for CL clients, called v1.4.0-beta.3, which is nicknamed “the summoning”. This release includes two main changes that will enhance the Cancun/Deneb (Dencun) upgrade.

Mainnet KZG Configurations

The formatting work required to finalize the output from Ethereum’s trusted setup ceremony has been completed and is now included in the latest CL spec release. This feature, known as mainnet KZG configurations, is a significant development for the upgrade.

New Gossip Rule to Prevent Spamming

Another important change in the Deneb release is the implementation of a new gossip rule. This rule ensures that CL nodes do not transmit more than the maximum amount of blobs per block, which is currently set at six blobs per block. This prevents validators from spamming the network with invalid messages.

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Client Release Sets Groundwork for Deneb Support

Another Ethereum client, announced its v4.1.0 release earlier this week. While some capabilities are planned for future releases, this version sets the groundwork for Deneb support. It includes features such as decreasing memory with multi-value slices, optimizing block processing, boosting portable build performance, and providing live previews of multiarch containers.

This article provides an overview of the progress made by Ethereum developers in preparation for the Deneb-Cancun upgrade. With the launch of Devnet #10 and the new Deneb release for CL clients, Ethereum is one step closer to implementing important changes that will enhance its network’s capabilities. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development!

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