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Encourage users to retrieve lost website access by restoring their unique, SEO-friendly keys in simple terms.

Ordswap Helps Users Recover Keys After Website Compromise


Ordswap, a marketplace for Bitcoin ordinals trading and bidding, has developed a method for users to recover their private keys while simultaneously working to regain control over their website domain. This innovative approach aims to provide users who accessed the site through MetaMask with a way to retrieve their Ordswap keys, allowing them to transition to alternative service providers.

Recovering Private Keys with Ordswap

In a tweet posted on October 10, the Ordswap account shared an online tool designed to assist users in recovering their Ordswap keys after logging into the website via MetaMask. This tool enables users to import their keys to Unisat, facilitating a smooth transition to other service providers.

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Embracing Security and Control

Ordswap’s mission is to prioritize the security and control of its users’ digital assets. By offering a solution to regain access to private keys, Ordswap empowers individuals to maintain ownership and control over their Bitcoin ordinals. This proactive approach ensures a seamless experience for users, enabling them to explore alternative platforms without any hindrance.

Enhancing User Experience

Ordswap understands the frustration and inconvenience caused by the compromise of website domains. By providing users with the means to recover their private keys, Ordswap demonstrates its commitment to enhancing the user experience. This user-centric approach fosters trust and confidence among users, further solidifying Ordswap’s position as a reliable and secure marketplace for Bitcoin ordinals trading.


Ordswap’s innovative recovery tool for private keys showcases its dedication to maintaining user control and security. By empowering users to retrieve their keys and explore other service providers, Ordswap offers a seamless transition and ensures a positive trading experience. As Ordswap continues to prioritize user satisfaction, it remains a trusted platform in the world of Bitcoin ordinals trading.

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