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El dólar alcanza los 1,000 pesos en el mercado fuera de la bolsa.

Argentina’s Parallel Dollar Reaches 1,000 Pesos: What You Need to Know

The Surge of Argentina’s Parallel Dollar

In recent days, the exchange rate of the parallel dollar in Argentina has skyrocketed, jumping from 885 pesos per dollar to 970 pesos in Buenos Aires. However, in the province of Santa Fe, the rate has reached an astonishing 1,000 Argentine pesos. This alarming development was reported by renowned economic journalist Mariano Galíndez.

The Blue Dollar in Rosario

Galíndez took to the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) to share the latest news. He revealed that the blue dollar closed at 1,000 pesos for selling purposes in Rosario on Monday, while the buying rate closed at 960 pesos. Interestingly, there were no transactions performed at the end of the day.

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An Unprecedented Situation

This surge in the parallel dollar has left many people astounded. It is crucial to understand the impact of this situation on the Argentine economy and its citizens. The sudden increase in the parallel exchange rate raises concerns about inflation, financial stability, and the purchasing power of the people.

The Road Ahead

As the situation unfolds, it is important for both the government and the citizens to closely monitor and analyze the developments in the foreign exchange market. The authorities must adopt effective measures to stabilize the economy and ensure the well-being of the population. At the same time, individuals should stay informed and make informed decisions regarding their financial matters.


The surge in Argentina’s parallel dollar has created a significant stir in the country. It is crucial for everyone to remain cautious and understand the potential consequences of this situation. By staying updated and informed, individuals can navigate through these challenging times with resilience and adaptability.

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