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Egypt claims Israel is hindering Gaza aid, causing it to be stuck and uncooperative, says Reuters.

Egypt Calls Out Israel for Not Cooperating with Aid Delivery to Gaza

Egypt Expresses Frustration Over Lack of Cooperation from Israel

Egypt has accused Israel of hindering the delivery of aid to Gaza and the evacuation of foreign passport holders through the Rafah crossing, the only entry point that Israel does not fully control. This has resulted in hundreds of tonnes of supplies being stuck, further exacerbating the dire situation in the besieged Palestinian enclave. Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry expressed the urgent need to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, but stated that talks with Israel have been unproductive.

Rafah Crossing Rendered Inoperable Due to Israeli Air Strikes

Cairo clarified that the Rafah crossing, which could serve as a vital lifeline for much-needed supplies to enter Gaza, is not officially closed but is currently inoperable due to Israeli air strikes on the Gaza side. However, Israel has not taken a position on opening the Rafah crossing to allow assistance and the exit of citizens from third countries.

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Gaza Under Siege Since Israeli Bombardment and Blockade

With over 2 million Gazans under siege, Israel’s intense bombardment and blockade in response to an assault by Hamas militants has left the population in dire need of aid. Efforts were made to establish a ceasefire in southern Gaza to enable aid delivery and evacuations at the Rafah crossing. However, Israel and Hamas officials have denied the existence of such a ceasefire.

Aid Stuck in Egyptian Town Awaiting Entry to Gaza

NGOs and multiple countries have sent hundreds of tonnes of aid waiting in trucks in the Egyptian town of Al-Arish, near the Rafah crossing. These supplies are desperately needed but are currently unable to enter Gaza due to the ongoing situation. Additionally, Reuters video footage showed U.N.-flagged fuel trucks departing Gaza for Egypt through the Israeli-controlled Kerem Shalom crossing.

In conclusion, Egypt has called on Israel to cooperate in facilitating the entry of aid and the evacuation of foreign citizens through the Rafah crossing. The urgent need to alleviate the suffering of Palestinian civilians in Gaza cannot be ignored, and immediate action is required to address this humanitarian crisis.

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