HomeWorldDominican Republic escalates border closure with Haiti amid canal dispute, Reuters reports.

Dominican Republic escalates border closure with Haiti amid canal dispute, Reuters reports.

Dominican Republic Strengthens Border Control Measures with Haiti

New Measures Implemented to Safeguard Dominican-Haitian Border

The Dominican Republic has recently announced a series of new measures aimed at strengthening control at its border with Haiti. These measures include an extension of the border shutdown that was initiated last month, a reinforcement of military forces, and the implementation of an exports ban. Dominican security officials released a statement on Monday, outlining the details of these measures.

Construction Dispute Sparks Border Shutdown

In response to the construction of a canal diverting water from the Massacre River, the Dominican Republic sealed its border with Haiti last month. The Dominican government viewed this unilateral project as a violation of the existing treaty, as it lacked proper government support. To prevent further threats to the river and related natural resources, the authorities have decided to ban the export of electronics, cement, and other building materials.

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Extension of Suspension and Agricultural Program

As part of the new measures, the suspension of visa issuance to Haitian citizens will be extended indefinitely. Additionally, a fund will be established to finance an agricultural program aimed at reducing the hiring of undocumented immigrant workers. These measures will come into effect on Wednesday.

In summary, the Dominican Republic is taking decisive actions to strengthen control at its border with Haiti. These measures, including an extended border shutdown, increased military presence, and an exports ban, are aimed at addressing the ongoing construction dispute and protecting vital natural resources. The suspension of visa issuance and the introduction of an agricultural program further highlight the government’s commitment to border control and immigration management.

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