Home World Current contenders for US House of Representatives speaker clarified, revealing those in and out of the race.

Current contenders for US House of Representatives speaker clarified, revealing those in and out of the race.


Seven Lawmakers Vie for U.S. House Speaker Position

Republican Contenders

Representative Jim Jordan, a hardline Republican, has dropped out of the race for the top job in the U.S. House of Representatives after failing in his third bid for the position. This leaves seven lawmakers vying for the role, which has been vacant since October 3. Let’s take a closer look at each candidate:

Kevin Hern

Oklahoma Representative Kevin Hern, chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, announced his candidacy after Jordan withdrew. Despite not receiving any votes in the recent contest, Hern is eager to assume the role of speaker.

Austin Scott

Representative Austin Scott, a Georgia lawmaker who has maintained a relatively low profile during his 12 years in Congress, is also running for speaker. He previously challenged Jordan for the nomination but did not secure any votes.

Pete Sessions

Representative Pete Sessions of Texas, who has been serving in Congress since 1997, chairs the House Rules Committee and declared his candidacy on Friday. Sessions believes his experience will help unite the party.

Jack Bergman

Representative Jack Bergman of Michigan, a retired Marine Corps lieutenant general, announced his candidacy, stating that his “hat is in the ring.” Bergman has been a member of Congress since 2017.

Tom Emmer

Representative Tom Emmer of Minnesota, the House’s No. 3 Republican and chief vote counter, received only one vote in the recent contest. However, he secured the endorsement of ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy. Emmer aims to bring the conference together and resume work.

Byron Donalds

Representative Byron Donalds, a Black Republican from Florida and member of the hardline House Freedom Caucus, received support from two party members. He announced his candidacy late Friday and is also considering a run for Florida governor in 2026.

Mike Johnson

Representative Mike Johnson from Louisiana, a socially and fiscally conservative constitutional law attorney, expressed his desire to become a consensus candidate. He emphasized his role as a team player and bridge-builder.

Democratic Contender

Hakeem Jeffries, the Democratic leader, has received unanimous support from his party. However, as the minority in a Republican-controlled chamber, Democrats do not have enough votes to elect him as speaker.

Possible Contenders

Two potential contenders for the speaker’s position are Tom Cole and Jodey Arrington. Tom Cole, a powerful Rules Committee chair from Oklahoma, could gain support from Democrats if nominated. Jodey Arrington, a Texas Republican and chair of the House Budget Committee, is considering a decision on whether to seek the speaker’s job.

Notable Absences

Representative Steve Scalise, the No. 2 House Republican, received eight votes in the recent contest but withdrew his nomination due to divisions within the party. Meanwhile, former speaker Kevin McCarthy and Patrick McHenry, the acting speaker, have not indicated whether they will seek the position again.

It remains to be seen who will secure the role of speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. The vacant position has fueled speculation and anticipation among lawmakers and the public alike.