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CSG CEO aims to establish Czech arms company on international level with unique products.

Making Waves in the Global Arms Market

A New Player Emerges

Michal Strnad, a 31-year-old Czech entrepreneur, is on the verge of acquiring U.S. ammunitions maker Kinetic Group, a move that will revolutionize CSG, a family defense business that started by salvaging tanks. This acquisition will elevate CSG’s position in the global arms market, doubling its revenue from last year.

Strategic Investments for Growth

Strnad, the owner of CSG, is determined to outbid competitors for Kinetic Group, aiming to control a significant portion of the Western ammunitions market. His long-term vision involves privatizing the company to fuel expansion, technology upgrades, and capacity enhancements, rather than focusing solely on financial gains.

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Building a Legacy

CSG’s journey from a small family-run operation to a major player in the defense industry is a testament to Strnad’s leadership. With a robust workforce across Europe and the U.S., CSG’s proposed acquisition of Kinetic Group signals a new era of growth and innovation for the company.

Striving for Excellence

Driven by a commitment to efficiency and innovation, Strnad plans to leverage the acquisition to enhance production capabilities and explore new markets. The potential synergies with Kinetic Group position CSG as a dominant force in the global arms sector.

Expanding Horizons

CSG’s strategic acquisitions and investments underscore its ambition to lead the industry. With a focus on diversification and technological advancements, the company is poised to capitalize on emerging opportunities in defense markets worldwide.

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Empowering Ukraine’s Defense

Amid geopolitical tensions, CSG’s support for Ukraine’s defense industry showcases its commitment to fostering international partnerships. By investing in local capabilities, the company aims to contribute to Ukraine’s security infrastructure.

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