Home Stock Market CPSI experiences growth, rebrands as TruBridge for enhanced services and customer satisfaction.

CPSI experiences growth, rebrands as TruBridge for enhanced services and customer satisfaction.

CPSI experiences growth, rebrands as TruBridge for enhanced services and customer satisfaction.

Earnings Call Highlights: CPSI Transitions to TruBridge

Rebranding Announcement

CPSI, a healthcare solutions provider, revealed plans to rebrand as TruBridge during its latest earnings call. The company will adopt the NASDAQ ticker symbol TBRG on March 4th. Despite challenges, CPSI reported $339 million in revenue and $48 million in adjusted EBITDA for 2023.

Financial Performance

While there was a dip in adjusted EBITDA margin and operating cash flow, CPSI remains optimistic about its future. Strong bookings growth, a robust pipeline, and cost-saving measures are driving the company forward.

Key Takeaways

  • CPSI rebrands to TruBridge with the new ticker symbol TBRG.
  • Full-year revenue reached $339 million, with adjusted EBITDA at $48 million.
  • Q4 bookings rose by 5.5% to $26 million, fueled by increased RCM bookings.
  • Q1 2024 revenue is projected between $82 million and $84 million, with adjusted EBITDA from $8.5 million to $9.5 million.
  • 2024 revenue expected to be $340 million to $350 million, with adjusted EBITDA of $45 million to $50 million.
  • Workforce structure aims for 70% offshore and 30% U.S.-based employees.
  • Divestiture of American HealthTech and Viewgol integration underway.
  • Cash balance at year-end was $3.8 million, with net debt at $194.5 million.
  • Operating cash flow decreased significantly to $1 million from $32.4 million in 2022.

Company Outlook

  • Q1 2024 expected to have the lowest EBITDA margin at around 11%, with improvement anticipated in the second half.
  • Focus on sales and revenue growth, with a strong bookings pipeline.
  • Revenue back-end loaded, with negotiated vendor savings already in place.

Bearish Highlights

  • Adjusted EBITDA margin decreased by 190 basis points to 14%.
  • Operating cash flow dropped sharply from $32.4 million to $1 million.

Bullish Highlights

  • Company cautiously optimistic about future performance.
  • CFO Vinay Bassi emphasizes a conservative guidance approach focusing on expense control.


  • Adjusted EBITDA fell short of the previous year’s figure at $12 million compared to $13.2 million.

Q&A Insights

  • Positive response to rebranding, with customers seeking efficiency improvements.
  • Confidence in cross-sell opportunities despite economic challenges.
  • Increased interest in outsourcing due to labor market pressures and reimbursement complexities.

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Full Transcript Highlights

Operator introduces CPSI’s Q4 2023 earnings call with Chris Fowler and Vinay Bassi discussing financial results, strategic moves, and 2024 outlook. Vinay emphasizes cost control, ROI focus, and workforce transformation as key priorities for the company’s growth.