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COVID Vaccines Remain Elusive for Certain Americans

Americans are facing challenges in finding COVID-19 vaccine appointments for themselves and their children, even as the rollout continues. Some individuals have also been surprised by upfront payment requests of $150 to $200, now that private companies are handling distribution, administration, and payment coverage. In September, around 4 million people received Pfizer/BioNTech or Moderna shots, with 12 million doses shipped. The U.S. government has recommended that all Americans aged 6 months and older receive the vaccine. However, individuals like Kate MacDowell from Oregon have struggled to secure appointments, leading to canceled plans and frustration. Healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente did not comment on MacDowell’s experience. The shift to private companies has created confusion regarding coverage and payment, with some pharmacies and health providers requesting upfront payment. Insurance plans are supposed to cover the cost of the shots, but some individuals have been told that their plans do not cover the vaccines at certain locations. Independent pharmacists, who now have to pay for the shots themselves, are facing their own challenges. The transition to the commercial market has also led to delays in delivery. Despite efforts to educate Americans about coverage, some individuals have been told to pay upfront and seek reimbursement from their insurers. This has caused financial strain for some, like James Daily from New Jersey, who paid almost $600 for shots for his family. Pediatricians, such as Dr. Suzanne Berman from Tennessee, are also concerned about potential waste and financial losses. The demand for vaccines has declined in some areas, making it difficult for healthcare providers to predict how much product they should order.

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