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Continued Republican discord prolongs leadership vacuum in US House for 10th consecutive day.

Republican Infighting Leaves US House Leaderless for a 10th Day

Republicans Struggle to Pick New Leader for US House

Republicans in the US House of Representatives are facing challenges in their efforts to select a new leader after nominee Steve Scalise withdrew his bid for the speaker’s gavel. The party is still deciding on the process for a second internal election to choose a new nominee, with House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan expected to be a top contender. However, with as many as 20 fellow Republicans refusing to support Scalise, it remains uncertain whether Jordan can secure the necessary votes.

Concerns Over Squandering Majority and Reversing Election

Steve Scalise’s departure from the race has left Republican lawmakers frustrated and questioning the direction of their party. Representative Andy Barr expressed disappointment, stating that they were elected to serve the American people and find a suitable speaker. As Republicans meet behind closed doors to consider their options, the urgency to resolve the leadership crisis grows.

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Uncertainty Surrounding Jordan’s Candidacy

While Jim Jordan did not immediately renew his candidacy after Scalise’s withdrawal, lawmakers are grappling with the decision to support him. Representative Don Bacon highlighted concerns about rewarding perceived “bad behavior” and suggested that a Jordan bid for the nomination may face challengers. The uncertainty surrounding Jordan’s candidacy adds to the existing turmoil within the Republican party.

Speaker Vacancy Impedes Congressional Action

The absence of a speaker has left the House in a state of paralysis, hindering progress on critical issues such as supporting Israel in its conflict with Hamas and avoiding a potential government shutdown. With a slim majority, the next speaker must secure the support of no more than four Republicans to be elected over Democratic opposition.

Possible Compromise or Democratic Support

Representative Greg Murphy proposed the idea of a compromise candidate, potentially Representative Patrick McHenry, who has been serving as acting speaker since Kevin McCarthy’s ouster. Speculation also surrounds the possibility of Republicans seeking support from Democrats to find a consensus candidate, further highlighting the deep divisions within the party.

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Despite the ongoing challenges, Republicans must find a way to navigate the leadership crisis to ensure effective governance and address pressing national issues.

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