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Coinbase dismisses rumors of Bitcoin withdrawal limits on a weekly basis, clarifying the situation.

Coinbase Denies Bitcoin Withdrawal Limit Rumors

Crypto exchange Coinbase has debunked rumors of imposing a withdrawal limit on Bitcoin.

Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, has refuted claims that it recently implemented a $5,000-per-week withdrawal limit for Bitcoin. These rumors surfaced after a user’s post gained traction on social media.

User Complaints

In an October 24th post, a user on X (formerly Twitter) alleged that Coinbase had imposed a policy restricting Bitcoin withdrawals to a maximum of $5,000 per week. This user claimed to have personally experienced this limitation.

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Coinbase Responds

However, Coinbase swiftly addressed these allegations, clarifying that there is no truth to the rumors. The exchange categorically denied implementing any such withdrawal limit.

Enhanced Trading Experience

Coinbase, known for its reliable and user-friendly platform, strives to provide the best trading experience for its customers. By refuting these rumors, Coinbase aims to maintain transparency and ensure the continued trust of its users.

Technical Difficulties

It is worth noting that Coinbase experienced trading difficulties for nearly an hour on October 23rd. This incident, unrelated to withdrawal limits, was promptly resolved by the exchange.

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In conclusion, Coinbase has denied the existence of a $5,000-per-week withdrawal limit on Bitcoin. The exchange remains committed to offering a seamless trading experience and addressing any concerns raised by its users.

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