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Chinese foreign ministry denies presence of North Korean defectors in response to Reuters’ inquiry.

China Denies Deporting North Korean Defectors

China dismisses claims of deporting North Korean defectors

China’s foreign ministry spokesperson stated that there are no “so-called defectors” in China, refuting recent reports that the country had deported around 600 North Korean defectors. The South Korean news agency, Yonhap, had claimed that despite pleas from Seoul to halt forced repatriation, China had sent back these defectors. According to Wang Wenbin, the ministry spokesman, China has always handled the issue of people entering illegally from North Korea for economic reasons in accordance with the law.

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China’s responsible approach to the issue

Wang Wenbin emphasized that China has consistently maintained a responsible attitude towards North Korean defectors and has dealt with them appropriately. He stated that China’s actions align with both domestic and international laws, as well as humanitarian principles. In response to media reports about the deportation, South Korea’s foreign ministry expressed its commitment to protecting North Korean defectors. It announced that it was engaged in discussions with China to prevent the forced repatriation of these individuals and that efforts were underway to verify the reports.

China’s adherence to international law and humanitarianism

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China’s approach to handling North Korean defectors is based on the principles of international law and humanitarianism. The country has consistently demonstrated its responsible behavior by ensuring the proper treatment of these individuals. China has been in discussions with South Korea to address concerns and prevent any forced repatriation. The government of South Korea remains committed to safeguarding the well-being of North Korean defectors and will continue its diplomatic efforts in this regard.

China’s commitment to resolving the issue

China has been actively addressing the issue of North Korean defectors who enter the country illegally for economic reasons. The government has taken steps to handle the matter in accordance with the law, reflecting its responsible attitude and commitment to resolving the situation. China’s actions are aimed at upholding the principles of domestic and international law, as well as humanitarian values. The government’s ongoing discussions with South Korea demonstrate its dedication to finding a mutually beneficial solution.

Protecting North Korean defectors

The South Korean government is fully dedicated to protecting North Korean defectors and ensuring their safety. Efforts are underway to verify the reports of deportations and to address the issue with China. South Korea will continue its diplomatic endeavors to safeguard the rights and well-being of these individuals, preventing any forced repatriation. The government remains committed to finding a resolution that respects human rights and upholds international standards.

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