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China’s defense ministry criticizes Pentagon’s yearly report, emphasizing unique, simplified language without technical terms. Limit: 15 words.

China Denounces Pentagon Report on Military Strategy

China’s Defence Ministry Slams US Report

China’s defence ministry has strongly criticized the US Defense Department’s annual report on China, accusing it of distorting the country’s security policy and military strategy. According to the Pentagon’s report, China aims to modernize and expand its nuclear forces over the next decade. However, Chinese Defence Ministry spokesperson Wu Qian refuted these claims, stating that China’s armed forces are solely focused on maintaining peace and safeguarding national security.

China’s Nuclear Ambitions

The Pentagon’s report asserts that China currently possesses over 500 nuclear warheads and is projected to increase this number to over 1,000 by 2030. The report further alleges that China intends to utilize advanced nuclear technologies, such as fast-breeder reactors and reprocessing facilities, for military purposes. Despite these claims, China maintains that these technologies are intended for peaceful applications.

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China’s Strong Reaction

The Chinese Defence Ministry expressed its strong dissatisfaction and opposition to the Pentagon’s report, denouncing it as an exaggeration of the so-called “Chinese military threat.” Wu Qian emphasized that China’s military development aims to counter the threat of war, ensure its own security, and promote global peace. He reiterated that China’s armed forces do not pose a specific threat to any country or target.

Tensions Between China and the United States

Recent tensions between China and the United States have centered around global and national security concerns, as well as military interactions in the South China Sea and the issue of Taiwan. The Pentagon’s report accuses China of intensifying diplomatic, political, and military pressure against Taiwan, exacerbating existing tensions in the region.

Challenges in Sino-US Military Relations

While acknowledging the importance of the military-to-military relationship between China and the United States, Wu Qian attributed the difficulties and obstacles to the actions of the United States. He criticized the United States for simultaneously harming China’s security interests while claiming to manage crises and strengthen communication.

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China’s Upcoming Xiangshan Forum

The timing of the exchange between the two countries coincides with China hosting the 10th Xiangshan Forum in Beijing. This event will bring together foreign defense officials from various nations, providing an opportunity for dialogue and discussion on global security matters. Earlier, China had declined a meeting between the defense chiefs of the two countries, but the United States has since accepted China’s invitation.

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