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China’s Country Garden plans debt deal as Evergrande creditors expect liquidation, says Reuters.

China’s Country Garden and Evergrande Group Face Debt Challenges

China’s Country Garden Considers Offshore Debt Restructuring

China’s Country Garden is reportedly considering a restructuring of its offshore debt as it faces financial challenges. The company recently missed two interest payments and has $66.8 million in coupons due on Monday. Media reports suggest that a restructuring announcement may be imminent, although the company has not confirmed this information.

Bondholders Express Concerns over Evergrande’s Potential Liquidation

Bondholders of China’s Evergrande Group, a troubled peer of Country Garden, have raised concerns about a possible liquidation of the company. Evergrande, which is at the center of China’s debt crisis, has faced difficulties in its debt plans and is currently unable to issue new debt due to an ongoing investigation. The bondholder group has urged Evergrande to seek a resolution from regulators to allow its restructuring to proceed.

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Country Garden’s Debt Situation

Country Garden has $10.96 billion in offshore bonds and 42.4 billion yuan ($5.81 billion) in loans not denominated in yuan. If the company defaults on its payments, it will need to restructure its debt, and its assets may be at risk of liquidation by creditors. The upcoming coupons due on Monday are tied to Country Garden’s bonds maturing in 2024 and 2026. However, the company faces a major test later this month when its entire offshore debt could be considered in default if it fails to pay a $15 million coupon by October 17.

China’s Property Sector Debt Crisis

China’s property sector has been grappling with a debt crisis since 2021, with many private property developers defaulting on their obligations. This has led to unfinished homes and a lack of confidence in both the housing and capital markets. The deepening crisis has prompted concerns about the broader impact on the Chinese economy.

The Uncertain Future of Evergrande

Evergrande’s recent announcement that its offshore debt restructuring plan failed to meet regulatory requirements has left bondholders uncertain about the company’s future. The bondholder group has not received any documents or filings from Evergrande despite repeated requests, and it fears that the company may be liquidated in the near future. Evergrande’s ongoing investigation and the inability to issue new debt have further complicated its situation.

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Potential Government Intervention

Market participants are speculating that authorities may intervene to manage the fallout from Evergrande’s potential collapse. The company’s massive liabilities and unfinished homes across China could have significant repercussions for the economy. The government has already implemented measures to support the property sector, but more actions may be necessary.

Property Sales and Market Outlook

Despite supportive measures, property sales growth in major Chinese cities remained weak in September. This indicates a limited rebound in sales, highlighting the ongoing challenges in the property market. The market is closely watching Country Garden’s ability to meet its payment obligations and avoid default once again.

Stock Reactions

Shares in Country Garden and Evergrande Group have been affected by the companies’ debt challenges. Country Garden’s shares fell over 6% on Monday, while Evergrande Group’s shares tumbled 11%. The stock of China Evergrande New Energy Vehicle Group, a subsidiary of Evergrande, experienced volatility after a share sale plan was halted due to uncertainties related to the parent company.

The debt challenges faced by Country Garden and Evergrande Group reflect the ongoing struggles in China’s property sector. The potential impact on the broader economy and the government’s response will be key factors to monitor in the coming months.

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