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China asserts US Pentagon report on nuclear warheads distorts facts, emphasizing accuracy and objectivity.

China Denies US Pentagon Report on Nuclear Warheads, Calls it Misleading

China has strongly refuted a recent report by the US Pentagon on nuclear warheads, stating that it distorts facts and misrepresents the country’s nuclear capabilities. The Chinese government has criticized the report, emphasizing that it is an attempt to manipulate public opinion and undermine China’s image on the global stage.

China’s Response to the Pentagon Report

In response to the Pentagon report, China has voiced its concerns and objections. The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson expressed disappointment and accused the United States of spreading misinformation. The spokesperson emphasized that China adheres to a defensive national defense policy and maintains a minimal nuclear arsenal.

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China has also called for a constructive dialogue with the United States to address the concerns raised in the report. The Chinese government has reaffirmed its commitment to peaceful coexistence and its dedication to promoting global nuclear disarmament.

China’s Accusations of Distorted Facts

The Chinese government has accused the US Pentagon report of distorting facts and exaggerating China’s nuclear capabilities. China argues that the report misrepresents its intentions and portrays the country as a potential threat. China maintains that its nuclear strategy is solely for self-defense and deterrence.

China has criticized the report’s lack of transparency and its failure to provide concrete evidence to support its claims. The Chinese government has called for mutual trust and cooperation between China and the United States to promote stability and peace in the international community.

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China’s Call for Objective Analysis

China has urged the international community to objectively analyze the Pentagon report and not be swayed by biased narratives. The Chinese government emphasizes that a fair and unbiased assessment is crucial for maintaining peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond.

China has called for a comprehensive understanding of its nuclear policy and a recognition of its commitment to non-proliferation. The Chinese government maintains that it will continue to promote dialogue and cooperation with other countries to build a world free of nuclear threats.


In conclusion, China vehemently denies the allegations made in the US Pentagon report on nuclear warheads. The Chinese government has criticized the distortion of facts and emphasized its commitment to peaceful coexistence and global disarmament. China calls for objective analysis and constructive dialogue to address concerns and promote stability in the international community.

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